Mar 7, 2009

Mrs. Sassard's Delights from Mount Pleasant South Carolina

Mrs. Sassard's Fig Preserves
Mrs. Sassard's Green Tomato Relish

Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly
Sassard's Artichoke Relish
Sassard's Blackberry Preserves

Sassard's Onion Relish
Sassard's Peach Preserves
Sassard's Pear Honey
Sassard's Pumpkin Chip Preserves

Sassard's Strawberry Preserves

All from my favorite sourthern food source when not able to shop myself while in the south and ship it home.........


Matt said...

What is the southern food source you use to have these shipped?

Anonymous said...

For now, Mrs. Sassard's products are sold by mail order and in a handful of local stores, including Harris Teeter supermarkets, as well as Royall Ace Hardware and Pitt Street Pharmacy, both in Mount Pleasant

For online shopping, I use the Lee Brothers - they are awesome.... they have a catalog and website: